The Light Personified

In today’s day and age islam is looked up with suspicion, fear and hate. Muslims are attacked at two fronts. A group of extremist misinterpreters of the religion, our Prophet ﷺ warned us against and on the other hand is a band of preposterous and hateful people assaulting muslims in the name of retribution.

The time doesn’t appear favorable to be known as a muslim. Many in the community are anxious about peoples’ misjudgment and are eager to correct it. I, however, have met muslims who themselves speak in an edgy tone about the present state of affairs.

“Why is Allah doing this to us?”

“Why is this happening?”

“I don’t see the help of Allah coming” remarked my own friend once. It isn’t easy to answer questions such as these and more so when people come to you to get them answered. They expect you to have an answer.

Somewhere we feel and fear the same things but are too scared to mention it. Too scared that once they are spoken, they can’t be taken back. So we mumble to ourselves… Why is Allah not doing anything?

The frenzy doesn’t end here. Those portraying our religion as something to be feared of, go on in their way to fearlessly lash out at our noble Prophet ﷺ. They use all sorts of loathsome words against him and contradict their own portrayal.

Muslims on this have divided sentiments. While a group of muslims who are devoted to the faith are angered at the attacks, the other not-so-religious ones silently wish they weren’t born into islam.

As for ‘Why is this happening to us?’ and ‘Why is not Allah doing anything?’, reconsider the rationality of the questions.

Are these questions even relevant? And should we be asking them?

Did you hear about the man who attacked the Prophet ﷺ with brutal words through his poetry? And when he was later captured in the battle of Badr and brought before the Prophet ﷺ, one from the muslims suggested that he should be punished by knocking off his teeth so that his face is disfigured.

And our Prophet ﷺ replied- If I disfigure his limbs, Allah will disfigure mine in retribution.

And the incident when some Jews, when addressing Muslims, would distort the greeting as-salamu alaikum and say it as as-samu alaikum, which meant “death be upon you”. When they once addressed the Holy Prophet in this manner, his wife Aisha retorted back in the same words.

What did Rasool Allah ﷺ say? Did he too respond to the Jews the same way as they did?

Did he ask his companions to attack them or did he attack them himself?

No. Instead, he held back his dear wife and told her that Allah ﷻ doesn’t like harsh words.

He held back his wife from responding to them in the same manner!

And all this while the Prophet ﷺ showed forbearance, and didn’t let the insults sway him from being just and kind. The disbelievers continued to harm him in one way or the other. Whether it be the incident of placing dirty foetus of a she-camel on his back while he was prostrating or throwing filth at his door. The special mention is for the wife of Abu Lahab who went out of her way to scatter thorns on the path the Prophet ﷺ took for his night prayers. So that when he walked out in the dark to say his prayers those thorns would pierce his feet.

Could you imagine this happening to you?

And this, all of this and so much more happened to the Khalil of Allah; Allah’s intimate friend. How would Allah let that happen to him? To his Prophet, his intimate friend?

But, did you hear even a single word of complaint from Rasool Allah ﷺ ?

Instead he tells his beloved wife that Allah ﷻ doesn’t like harsh words. There is a great lesson in it for those who wish to learn.

Those who used to mock him died and their words were silenced with them. While every word the Prophet uttered was kept alive in the hearts of his companions who passed it on to others.

They insulted him. But Allah ﷻ honored his Prophet ﷺ in the Qur’an.

And most surely, you (O Muhammad) have an exalted moral character. (68:4)

And his honor could not be subdued. It was to stay intact in every muslim heart, every place of worship and recited in melodies voices crying out in love for him. It was to shine like a glorious light till the end of time, preserved in the Holy Qur’an.

O Prophet, truly We have sent thee as a Witness, and a Bearer of glad tidings, and a Warner,
And as a Summoner unto Allah by his command, and as a Lamp that gives bright light. (33:46-47)
As for the relevant questions-
We should be asking ourselves as to how far the excellence of his character is reflected in us; in his ummah ?
How have we followed his example of compassion, forbearance, selflessness and patience?
How have we imitated his principle of forgiving and honoring others?
Has our hatred blinded us to see nothing beyond ourselves?
Allah honored him for his exalted character. If we abandon his Sunnah, we will remain deprived of the honor.
So strive, overlook the criticism and hope for your reward from Allah ﷻ alone.
BarakAllahu Feekum
Wa Assalam Alaykum

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